Brain Case (Deluxe)

by Circuit Bored

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This Bandcamp download also includes previous versions of the song so you can hear how a song changes over a few year period.

Oh boy. Where do I start for this one? Well the earliest version of this track I have found is from 2014, but I’m almost positive I started this song in 2013. I originally did it with FL-Studio’s Hardcore faux guitar pedal software. Then I gave up. I tried again. Gave up since I loved the idea of the song but I wanted to wait till I could play a bit better to actually give the song my all. I am going to upload all of the old versions (that I can find) along with the final version on my bandcamp for free since sometimes it is cool to hear the evolution of a song. From concept to final product. Am I happy with how it came out? Sort of. Part of me wants to delay the song another year, but at the same time I know if I do then it will never be done.


This song started off in standard guitar tuning if I recall correctly. But as of this final version it was done in an open D, meaning instead of EADGBe it was in DADF#AD. I played the main slide part on my lap with a metal slide bar in my left hand and my right hand finger picking. I played it again and again, each time with a different progression and underlining melody just winging it. After many many many many many attempts I ended up with this version. I totally shot future me’s self in the foot since I didn’t write down the notes or anything… Besides that, I went through again with FPC drums and made them all unique as possible within my limits without going crazy with it. I did a whole bunch of playing some lead licks and then reversing some of it as well. I then put the guitar back in standard tuning and tried some lead in sections and accidentally creating a whole other groove that starts early but you don’t really hear till 0:59 seconds till 1:43. People who listen to music too closely will hear some guitar around 1:20 which was a little lick I made, then lowered in pitch and volume. Also at 1:11 you can hear some 1st position licks and chords played then pitched up an octave. At the end of the song you hear some weird circuit-like noises, that is actually my open D string then me really messing with the delay pedal live. Why? Because I liked it. Oh and I don’t know how to play harmonica but I tried anyways in the 1st half of the song. I got sort of cocky and added some slight gross beat to the last instances of the harmonica to give it a bounce. Besides that it was just a lot of boredom and lil noises I made for fun.
If you want to use my song just PM me and let me know what it is for. 99% of the time I will let you use it no problem.
Equipment and software:
FL-Studio 12
a Lyon chorus pedal and a Donner Yellowfall delay pedal on my Jackson js20 electric and another custom made guitar recorded with my M-Audio fast track. Sennheiser HD 518 Headphones and some old dying monsoon speakers. Big Muff Pi and also some old Harmonica.


released September 26, 2016




Circuit Bored Seattle, Washington

Circuit Bored is a member of Samurai Dance Party. He makes weird music. That is about it.

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