Running Out

by Circuit Bored

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This song was a bunch of fun to make, it took a bit more time than i was expecting. I hope you enjoy the song. Feel free to download the song for free by typing 0 for the price. Also I have a twitter and facebook now. Check them out if you want.

Feel free to use the song for stuff, just send me a message first.

How I made it:
Hey people who are reading this, I'm glad you are here. The song started off as a simple finger picking riff that I played on a classical guitar. I liked it. The song has 3 main separate parts, all playing off of the same musical motif but with different approaches. The intro in the beginning has some audio clips I took and twisted. The beginning actually has the end of the song playing backwards with some stretching and at a low volume. There is some Stranger Thing-esque synths randomly created with Sylenth and FM8. I took that lick i made I mentioned earlier and I played it on my electric guitar with some compression, delay and chorus. The Bass was just the same guitar pitched down an octave and and another guitar pitched up an octave with mid cut out. In the background is some rhythm guitar made with simple palm muting. The part where it goes all loud and distorted was just some high sustain and fuzz with a different baseline made for it. The 2nd part has some guitar sidechained and thrown through a wah wah pedal for the groove section. I also played a new pattern with the classical and took the same lick in the part but pitched it down an octave. The third part sounds so different that I almost tossed it out, but I liked it too much to trash it. This part uses all new patterns with some pad guitar made by playing guitar backwards and then reversing it. The rest was just some jazz chords and messing around with a fun groove.

Equipment and software:
FL-Studio 12
a Lyon chorus pedal and a Donner Yellowfall delay pedal on my Jackson js20 electric and another custom made guitar recorded with my M-Audio fast track. Sennheiser HD 518 Headphones and some old dying monsoon speakers. Big Muff Pi and also some old Harmonica.


released March 3, 2017




Circuit Bored Seattle, Washington

Circuit Bored is a member of Samurai Dance Party. He makes weird music. That is about it.

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