Triple Buffer Double Rudder

by Circuit Bored

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The sample is of some person on drugs in Seattle ranting about "Goats Milk".

I used serum to create a nice spacey set of keys and wobble basses. I made a reese bass in serum, then recorded it to audio, reverse and sliced it and then removed the low end off. I then reversed some of the keys and stitched them together. The vocals were me humming, adding reverb to and then reversing, then bumping them back into audio, fooled with the pitch, re-reversed and added some chops with gross beat, then bounced again to audio and re-re-reversed it (I think) with some more reverb to fill in the gaps. I then took that vocal hum audio and panned it right while taking a less processed version and panning it left. The hats were just hats that I sort of broke with manual cutting and some dblue glitch (very sparingly though since I like to have more control over the sound) and then recorded it into a Wav. The Sub is just 3xosc. The piano was made in the piano roll, I then recorded and reversed it, added some reverb and some delay, re-recorded it and reversed it back to normal.

Thanks to for providing some feedback.

Equipment and software:
FL-Studio 12
Kontakt 5 (factory library pack) for the piano.
3xosc for subbass
To listen to the track, I used a pair of Sennheiser HD 518 Headphones and some old dying monsoon speakers.
Feel free to use this song for whatever you want. Just ask me first and credit me.
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Check out an awesome producer on Newgrounds who makes some really cool Electronic Music. or his soundcloud He also makes some pretty great 3D modeling work (he even did Circuit Bored’s mascot in 3D).

Feel free to use this song for whatever, just let me know first and give credit.


released July 13, 2016




Circuit Bored Seattle, Washington

Circuit Bored is a member of Samurai Dance Party. He makes weird music. That is about it.

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